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Our company specializes in resolving problems caused by birds in Columbus, Ohio, both residential and commerical. We handle bird species such as pigeons, starlings, grackles, sparros, and even Canada Geese and woodpeckers. We generally don't kill birds - we prevent them from causing problems. Most commonly, this means that we install barriers that prevent them access to your building or property, or anti-roosting devices that prevent them from landing, nesting, or roosting on your home, store, building, or anywhere. We use netting, needle strips, shock track, and more. We do offer trapping in some cases, and removal of birds from warehouses, grocery stores, or other commerical or industrial buildings by netting or sometimes pellet shooting. We have a wide variety of tools and methods for solving every manner of bird problem. Call us at 380-201-3117 to discuss your bird problem today.



Stop Birds From Accessing Your Space

We stop birds from entering almost any space by installing netting. It is strong and durable, but thin and black so that it is not visually distracting. We can prevent birds from flying or roosting under awnings, roofs, or any other architectural area.



Stop Birds From Landing Or Roosting

We install needle strips or shock track on ledges, beams, the tops of signs, and anywhere birds are roosting and causing unsightly and unhealthy droppings. We can reach any area with our ladders and boom lifts.



We Clean Droppings and Nesting Material

Birds can make a mess with their droppings - on your building, roof, or the ground, or any other area. Sometimes bird guano and nesting material accumulate. We professionally clean and decontaminate the area.

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Full Range of Bird Control Services

More About Us Columbus Bird Control:

Our bird removal company was founded more than 10 years ago by a couple who used to work at a wildlife rehabilitation center. We aim to provide the public with a safer solution for their bird problems. We are the pioneer in providing a humane wildlife removal strategy. When we were starting, we had to convert our vehicles to allow us to deliver our service at an opportune time. Nowadays, we are now one of the major service providers, complete with an armada of marked vehicles, and a team of professional technicians. We treat our employees as one of our greatest assets. This has been backed-up by our loyal technicians who choose to stick with us. Our first removal specialists remain in our company and are now supervising the works of our junior employees. We make sure that all of our staff are aware of the safety protocols and standard policies. The continual training and seminars that we require can guarantee that our people are proficient in using the latest and tested techniques, tools, and regulations. Recently, we have been recognized again as the #1 wildlife control company by the locals. Even though we have been operating in this business for more than a decade, we always feel like we are just starting. We believe that our company has so many potentials left to explore. In the coming years, we are gearing to expand our operation in nearby states.

Cheap Ways to get Rid of Pigeons

We'll hit you with the bad news first: cheap animal removal, including pigeon removal, rarely actually ends up being cheap.

Now, we'll hit you with the good news: Pigeon removal with a professional company is nowhere near as expensive as you'd think.

The price of pigeon removal will obviously depend on the extent of the problem, but many homeowners will know about the problem from an early point. The birds give the game away with mounds of excrement, and homes with cats (and the occasional dog) will no doubt have found themselves with a half-eaten bird at their feet, a gift from their beloved pet, on more than one occasion. (We certainly have!)

The sooner you diagnose and treat a pigeon problem, the cheaper it'll be. The longer you leave those pesky birds to do whatever is they do, the more you'll need to pay. These costs will mount not just for the actual removal job, but also for the preventative methods that you'll need to put in place, and also for the cleanup operation. In some cases, the removal of the birds themselves is actually the easiest part of the entire job.

If you hire a professional for a relatively small and early-diagnosed job, you'll be looking at paying somewhere in the region of $300 to $500. The more pigeons you have, the more the price will rise. The more damage is left behind, the more the price will rise again, and the larger the space that needs to be protected from the birds, the more the costs will increase ... again.

In short — the sooner you get the job treated, the less you'll need to pay.

DIY methods can work to remove pigeons for a low price, but these efforts are often not quite enough to successfully keep them away for good. Areas may be missed out when you attach netting or spike strips, or you might use the wrong size of netting or spike strips for the area that you need to cover. You might miss areas of pigeon excrement, and the corrosive nature of it could then cause damage to tiled roofs, brick walls, wooden siding, ledges, and much more besides. You will then need to pay to have that excrement removed, and then you'll need to pay out to have the damage repaired, too.

If you rely on repellents to get rid of pigeons, they probably won't work. What started out as a small pigeon removal job, with relatively little cleanup, then turns into a medium-sized job, maybe doubling the cost, and leaving damage to repair on top of excrement to clean up. If you still don't get the job done properly, you'll then have a very large problem on your hands, with lots of birds, lots of excrement, and lots of damage, which could then run into thousands of dollars to put right.

The cheapest way to get rid of pigeons is the fastest way. If you're not going to use pigeon removal specialists to get the job done, we recommend making sure that you're fully armed with both the tools you'll need and the right knowledge of the birds themselves, before you attempt any kind of removal action. 

We have the most experience in Columbus at understanding the nuisance birds of Ohio. Our 7 years of experience in the field ensures excellent results.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bird control work. Our work is professional grade and long lasting, usually for the life of the building.

We are fully Ohio licensed. We carry the correct safety equipment, and operate in a safe and professional manner to keep your building and people safe.

Call us at 380-201-3117 to discuss your bird problem and our process. We are always responsive by phone. We can usually schedule next-day appointments, and provide written estimates for all our bird work.